The Mambo TeaHouse Cuban Restaurant - Rutherford New Jersey
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Fine Cuban Food at Mambo TeaHouse in Rutherford NJ
Fine Cuban Cuisine & Tea Lounge
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Mambo Tea House

Tea Menu

We proudly serve premium loose- leaf teas.
All teas are served in teapots that yield 2-3 cups.

We now sell loose-leaf teas by the tin! Enjoy our teas at home or give as a gift!

Helps to lower cholesterol and prevent tooth decay.
Good for the heart. (approx. 40 mg of caffeine)

Mambo from China. Smoky highlights with a flavorfully rich body.
5 / Retail 16

Golden Monkey from China. It is a full-bodied tea with chocolate undertones.
5 / Retail 18

Ceylon Sonata from Sri Lanka. Bright and lively with a delicate flavor.
4 / Retail 10

Darljeeling #22 from India. Rich golden liquor and unique muscatel flavor.
5 / Retail 15

Earl Grey Bravo from Sri Lanka. Flavored with oil of bergamot, fruit & blue flowers.
4 / Retail 10

Irish Breakfast mix of teas from Sri Lanka and India. Strong yet smooth flavor.
4 / Retail 14

English Breakfast from China. Rich chocolaty flavor and sumptuous aroma.
5 / Retail 15

Masala Chai from Sri Lanka. Blend of cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger.
5 / Retail 16

Hazelnut from Sri Lanka. Flavored with toasty, creamy sweetness of hazelnut.
4 / Retail 10

Pumpkin from Sri Lanka. Flavored with spiced pumpkin.
4 / Retail 10

Passionfruit from Sri Lanka. Flavored with pieces of ripe passion fruit.
4 / Retail 10

Mango from Sri Lanka. Flavored with pieces of juicy, ripe mango.
4 / Retail 10

Guanabana from Sri Lanka. Flavored with sweet and tart of guanabana.
4 / Retail 10

Valentines from Sri Lanka. Flavored with chocolate and sweet strawberries.
4 / Retail 10

May help to prevent cancer, regulate blood sugar level, lower cholesterol,
good for digestion. (approx. 20 mg of caffeine)

Dragonwell from China. Refreshingly smooth, sweet and delicate among
the very best of Chinese greens. 6 / Retail 25

Green Pekoe from China. Very popular in China. Light, smooth, mellow taste
4 / Retail 10

Green Anji from China. Light, cup with a smooth, mellow, nutty taste.
5 / Retail 18

White Monkey from China. Light, sweet and infused with a fresh, delicate scent.
5 / Retail 12

Sencha Overture from Japan. Gathered in summer. Soothing and fresh.
6 / Retail 27

Rhubarb Green from China. Subtle rhubarb’s sweet and tart flavor.
4 / Retail 10

Ginseng Green from China. With curative health benefits of ginseng.
4 / Retail 10

Very high in antioxidants and aids in detoxifying the body. (approx. 15 mg of caffeine)

Silver Needle from China. Sweet and delicate with a clean, airy fragrance.
6 / Retail 36

White Peony from China. Delicate tea. Wonderful introduction of white tea.
4 / Retail 10

Snow Bud from China. Subtle taste comprised with unprocessed leaves & buds.
4 / Retail 11

White Blueberry from China. Smooth, subtle. Flavored with sweet blueberries.
4 / Retail 10

White Tropics from China. Smooth, subtle. Flavored with pineapple & coconut.
4 / Retail 10

Good for skin and teeth, boosts metabolism, good for digestion and weight loss.
Between a black and green tea. (approx. 30 mg of caffeine)

Ti Kuan Yin from China. One of the finest of Chinese oolongs. Exquisite.
6 / Retail 31

Puochong from Taiwan. Delicate and gentle, precociously sweet taste.
5 / Retail 13

Ali Shan from Taiwan. Light bodied, softly sweet with an underlying complexity.
7 / Retail 64

Oolong #18 from Taiwan. With delicate notes, exquisite flavor and fragrance.
5 / Retail 22

Jasmine #5 from China. Infused with delicate scent of jasmine flowers.
4 / Retail 13

Coconut Pouchong from Taiwan. Delicate, light with flavor of fresh coconut.
6 / Retail 25

Vanilla Oolong from Taiwan. Oolong leaves flavored with sweet vanilla bean.
4 / Retail 10

Natural C02 decaffeinating process-tea benefits retained. (approx. 5-10 mg of caffeine)

Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka. Robust yet smooth and rich taste.
4 / Retail 14

Earl Grey black tea from Sri Lanka, flavored with oil of bergamot, citrus fruit
4 / Retail 10

Citron Green green tea from China. Flavored with zesty lemon and lime.
4 / Retail 10

High in Vitamin C and antioxidants; naturally caffeine-free. Great for kids.

Peppermint pure peppermint. Perfect after any meal to aid in digestion.
4 / Retail 10

Egyptian Chamomile honey sweet with many health benefits. Great sleep aid.
4 / Retail 10

Foxtrot mix of chamomile, South African Rooibos, and peppermint leaves.
4 / Retail 10

Pina Colada mix of pineapple, coconut, apples, rose hips, and hibiscus flowers.
4 / Retail 12

Blood Orange mix of orange peels hibiscus flowers, apples, rose hips, and safflower.
4 / Retail 10

Improves digestion, good for skin and allergies, high in vitamins and minerals,
more antioxidant than green tea. (naturally caffeine-free)

Rooibos Peach from South Africa. Herbal plant with sweet pieces of peach. Organic.
4 / Retail 10

Green Rooibos Bonita from South Africa.
Herbal plant with peaches, strawberries and orange. Organic.
4/ Retail 14

Green Rooibos Key West from South Africa.
Blend of sweet passionfruit, luscious mango and hint of tangy apricot. Organic.
4/ Retail 14

Rooibos Cinnamon Apple from South Africa. Organic.
4/ Retail 10

Honeybush Mango from South Africa.
Sweet flavor of honeybush combined with perfectly ripened mango.
4 / Retail 14

Honeybush Hazelnut from South Africa.
Mellow, sweet-toasty flavor of Honeybush herb with hazelnuts.
Creamy, cozy and nutty. 4/ Retail 14

Flowering Teas are hand sewn and handcrafted tea leaves. When steeped in hot water, the leaves slowly expand and unravel into a bouquet of breathtaking floral shapes.

Black Tea Blossom all the benefits of black tea with a beautiful red bloom. 6.

Green Tea Blossom all the benefits of green tea with a lovely jasmine bloom. 6.

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